New album "Illusion"

Delicate and calm music with beautiful melodic themes and an acoustic jazz sound of guitar, piano, double bass and strings. Inspired by jazz, folk and world music mixed sometimes with latin feeling. I took me 5 years and 4 monhs to compose and record album "Illusion" but finally it is live. 


Music is like an illusion and secret door to endless imagination where everything is possible and sky is no longer the limit.



Artist: Marek Jakubowicz
Album: Illusion
Official release: 2021-08-01

Music composed by Marek Jakubowicz


Guitar - Marek Jakubowicz (Poland)
Piano - Filip Chojnacki (Poland)
Kamalin - Arsam Babaei (Iran)
Virtual instruments - Marek Jakubowicz
Photo Art by Gośka Małecka
Mix & Mastering by Przemek Ślużyński
Produced by Marek Jakubowicz


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