Water Bubble

New music and video "Water Bubble" from the projekt "Lost on Earth". Instruments: Hang drum, Marimba, Double bass.

Lost on Earth

Lost on Earth - new composition and music video. This is also part of the new "industrial" project. Have you ever asked yourself the question: who are you? Enjoy:)   Music composed and video edited by Marek Jakubowicz

New album "Piano Stories"

I'm very happy to announce that I released the new Album "Piano Stories". Unique mystic sound of una corda piano mixed with warm classic sound. Music which makes you feel calm and stressless... I hope:) Check it...

Pandemic 2021

New short film "Pandemic. There is awlays hope". I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:)   Edited by Marek Jakubowicz Music by Artlist.io Video footage by Artgrid.io   Release date: 24.12.2020

My music on Artlist.io - Royality-free Music

I'm very happy to announce that my music was added to the biggest and best music platform for video and films - Artlist. This platform is used by Netflix, Google any many more sharks;) but what is the most important that each of you can use my music in your work thanks to Artlist.   So let's play...

Follow Your Passion

Music video titled: Follow Your Passion. Music from Arlist.io and video scenes from Artgrid.io. Music & video selection by Marek Jakubowicz.   Music from Artlist.io by Ian Post: Eternity, Clarity.   Video scenes from ArtGrid.io by Max Freyss Sherif Mokbel Studio Non Omri Ohana Via Films Storyfootage Piotr Naumowicz The Stock Studio Denys...

Foggy Day

Composition: Foggy Day. If you have a "Foggy Day" don't be sad. Open your mind and travel with imagination. It doesn't matter what passion you have, follow your dreams every day.   Music composed by Marek Jakubowicz.   Tiny concert from my home. Almost every two weeks I invite friends and great musicians to my home studio or we meet online...

Zendegi Zibast. Anna Sandowicz & Marek Jakubowicz.

Composition: Zendegi Zibast. Persian music inspired by the Molana's (Rumi) poem. Words which are more than 800 years old and still true. The english title is "Life is Beautiful" and this song is from album we recorded in 2015 with the same title "Zendegi Zibast". We recorded it in collaboration with the great artist Arsam Babaei from Iran. Check...

Short Story From Somewhere. The Shadow.

Short Story From Somewhere • The Shadow. New video for the composition from Zendegi Zibast album. The same music but different story:)