The Light Behind The Window

The Light Behind the Window composed by Marek Jakubowicz.   Przemek Ślużyński - double bass, Marek Jakubowicz - guitar.     Video scenes by ArtGrid * Studio Non * Oliver & Tabea Scholz   Audio - Przemek Ślużyński, Produced by Marek Jakubowicz.   Recorded: 06-15.06.2020  Composed: 22.01.2019  Release date: 16.06.2020 

Short Story From Somewhere • Film

Film and music "Short Story From Somewhere" from the Zendegi Zibst album. Video selection from Artgrid by Marek Jakubowicz. This is also my the path I'm going to folllow:) 

Composition: Forest / Zendegi Zibast (CD)

Album: Zendegi Zibast (2015) The Forest (Track: 09/10)   Music composed by Marek Jakubowicz, Vocals composed by Anna Chong Kee Xin, Marek Jakubowicz – guitar, Anna Chong Kee Xin – vocals (Chinese), Arsam Babaei – tombak, Michał Ruksza – piano, Marcin Oleś – double bass, Artu’S String Quartet – strings, Lyrics – Anna...

Concert at Blue Note 2018. Photos.

Marek Jakubowicz & Anna Chong Kee XIn. Concert at Blue Note Poznan 2018-November-08. Anna Chong Kee XIn - vocal, guitar, Marek Jakubowicz - guitar, Filip Chojnacki - piano, Przemeki Ślużyński - bass.   Big thanks to Joanna Czarnota for these beautiful photos.  

Somewhere on the Sky

Composition: Somewhere on the Sky. First improvisation and theme. To be continued. Double bass added from Garage Band:)
October 31, 2019

Bossanova 4 my Wife • Feelings (2012)

In 1998 I met person who changed my music. It was pianist Reggie Thomas. I learned from him a lot and started discover jazz music. This was time when I composed first tune for the “Feelings” -  “Bossanova" title changed few years later to "Bossanova for my wife”. This was also my first jazz composition:)
October 30, 2019

On My Way • Feelings (2012)

On My Way from the album Feelings (2012). This composition is a little bit tricky;) It was one of my assignment from Berklee College of Music course - Advance Jazz Guitar Improvisation with Bruce Saunders. There was already written bass line just the roots (listen to the bass line - there are only root and ocatve notes) and the goal was to...
October 28, 2019

Blue Rose • Feelings (2012)

Blue Rose from the album Feelings (2012). This composition was inspired by famous guitar piece - Romance de Amor by Vicente Gomez.
October 27, 2019

Feelings • Feelings (2012)

Title song from the album Feelings It was recorded with great composer, musician, vocalist and my friend Anna Chong Kee Xin @annachongofficial from Malaysia. This was first song we composed together and now we have 3 released albums and have been working on the fourth. Hope best is yet to come:)