Follow Your Passion

Music video titled: Follow Your Passion. Music from and video scenes from Music & video selection by Marek Jakubowicz.   Music from by Ian Post: Eternity, Clarity.   Video scenes from by Max Freyss Sherif Mokbel Studio Non Omri Ohana Via Films Storyfootage Piotr Naumowicz The Stock Studio Denys...

Foggy Day

Composition: Foggy Day. If you have a "Foggy Day" don't be sad. Open your mind and travel with imagination. It doesn't matter what passion you have, follow your dreams every day.   Music composed by Marek Jakubowicz.   Tiny concert from my home. Almost every two weeks I invite friends and great musicians to my home studio or we meet online...

Zendegi Zibast. Anna Sandowicz & Marek Jakubowicz.

Composition: Zendegi Zibast. Persian music inspired by the Molana's (Rumi) poem. Words which are more than 800 years old and still true. The english title is "Life is Beautiful" and this song is from album we recorded in 2015 with the same title "Zendegi Zibast". We recorded it in collaboration with the great artist Arsam Babaei from Iran. Check...

Short Story From Somewhere. The Shadow.

Short Story From Somewhere • The Shadow. New video for the composition from Zendegi Zibast album. The same music but different story:)

The Light Behind The Window

The Light Behind the Window composed by Marek Jakubowicz.   Przemek Ślużyński - double bass, Marek Jakubowicz - guitar.     Video scenes by ArtGrid * Studio Non * Oliver & Tabea Scholz   Audio - Przemek Ślużyński, Produced by Marek Jakubowicz.   Recorded: 06-15.06.2020  Composed: 22.01.2019  Release date: 16.06.2020 

Short Story From Somewhere • Film

Film and music "Short Story From Somewhere" from the Zendegi Zibst album. Video selection from Artgrid by Marek Jakubowicz. This is also my the path I'm going to folllow:) 

Composition: Forest / Zendegi Zibast (CD)

Album: Zendegi Zibast (2015) The Forest (Track: 09/10)   Music composed by Marek Jakubowicz, Vocals composed by Anna Chong Kee Xin, Marek Jakubowicz – guitar, Anna Chong Kee Xin – vocals (Chinese), Arsam Babaei – tombak, Michał Ruksza – piano, Marcin Oleś – double bass, Artu’S String Quartet – strings, Lyrics – Anna...

Concert at Blue Note 2018. Photos.

Marek Jakubowicz & Anna Chong Kee XIn. Concert at Blue Note Poznan 2018-November-08. Anna Chong Kee XIn - vocal, guitar, Marek Jakubowicz - guitar, Filip Chojnacki - piano, Przemeki Ślużyński - bass.   Big thanks to Joanna Czarnota for these beautiful photos.  

Somewhere on the Sky

Composition: Somewhere on the Sky. First improvisation and theme. To be continued. Double bass added from Garage Band:)