July 31, 2018

Concert at Quadro Stage in Poznań

Live concert recording from the Quadro Stage during the event Kulturany Stary Rynek in Poznań. Unobtainum: Michał Ruksza - piano & Marek Jakubowicz - guitar (28.07.2018). Photos by Joanna Czarnota http://www.joannaczarnota.pl
June 10, 2018

Concert at Theatre Rampa in Warsaw

Concert at Theatre Rampa in Warsaw with Anna Sandowicz and Michał Ruksza. Theatre is alwyas best place for our music. Thanks for the magical time and great audience.
May 26, 2018

Jazz Art Home Stage • Jeśli chcesz mnie zatrzymać

Jazz Art Home Stage is my new project. I invite friends and great musicians to my home for the small private concerts. First concert was played by Anna Sandowicz and Michał Ruksza.   Composition: Jeśli chcesz mnie zatrzymać, music - Marek Jakubowicz, lyrics - Halina Poświatowska. Jazz Art Home Stage: www.jazz.art.pl...
May 26, 2018

Jazz Art Home Stage: Illusion

Concert at Jazz Art Home Stage with Unobtainum. The new composition Illusion - first time recorded.  Marek Jakubowicz - guitar & composition, Michał Ruksza - piano.   Photos by Joanna Czrnota www.joannaczarnota.pl [http://www.joannaczarnota.pl] Jaz Art Home Stage www.jazz.art.pl [http://www.jazz.art.pl]  
March 14, 2018

Concert Unobtainum at La Guitarra

Photos from the small private Unobtainum concert at La Guitarra club in Poznań Poland. Joanna Czarnota Photography: www.joannaczarnota.pl [http://www.joannaczarnota.pl]    
November 16, 2017

The Secret Sauce

I’d like to share with you the interview about the Secret Sauce from the blog www.simplyawriter.com [http://www.simplyawriter.com] with my music “Italian Island” from the album Feelings. “For some families food is at the center of all socializing. This was true for our family too. Here I interview my niece, Yvette, about a marinara sauce...
November 9, 2017

Concert at GOK Sezam

Unobtainum concert with the guests. Titled: Waiting for tomorrow. It mas magical time and unforgetable moments. It was also very personal concert for me. Photos by Joanna Czarnota describe it in very beautiful way. Worth to remember.   Joanna Czarnota Photography http://www.joannaczarnota.pl  
November 7, 2017

Artist profile at Jazz Blues News

I'm very happy to announce that my artist profile was added by Jazz Blues News. Thanks for the birthday wishes:)    07.11. – Happy Birthday !!! Marek Jakubowicz. Composer. Guitarist. Graduated advanced jazz improvisation at Berklee. Member of Gypsy Jazz Academy. Studied also classical music at Curtis Institute of Music oraz w National...
September 21, 2017

Concert at Blue Note Jazz Club in Poznań

Unobtainum live concert recording from the Blue Note Jazz Club in Poznań (2017-09-21). Thank you for the great atmosphere and beautiful time with the music we spent together.   Photos by Joanna Czarnota http://www.joannaczarnota.pl   Concert Unobtainum:   00:00 – 00:39 Introduction 00:40 – 05:20 Moonlight 05:36 – 11:05 Another Day...