October 26, 2019

Italian Island • Feelings (2012)

Italian Island - 4rd song from the album Feelings(2012). If you like the Italy, italian food, good wine and of course Sicily close your eyes and let yourself travel to the Italian Island.
October 25, 2019

Rain • Feelings (2012)

Third song from the album Feelings (2012) - Rain. As I remember it was composed in the autumn in the rainy day. I see a window and someone who looks through it with a smile and falling raindrops.
October 24, 2019

Beyond Time • Feelings (2012)

Another song from the album Feelings: Beyond Time. All About Jazz about this composition: "If you liked Beyond the Missouri Sky (Metheny is one of Marek's influences)something tells me you should give this tune a try, you'll be sure to want more.”
October 22, 2019

Travel Memories • Feelings (2012)

Travel Memories. This is my first official recording ever for the album Feelings. This album was released in 2012 and was awarded by american Jazz Wrap and Stephan Moore as “One of the best albums of 2012”. It was small group of jazz enthusiasts but they reviewed a lot of great music and it was honour for me to be on their top list and still...
September 17, 2019

Illusion • Marek Jakubowicz & Anna Chong Kee Xin

Illusion at Jazz Art Home Stage (2018). Music composed by Marek Jakubowicz, vocals by Anna Chong Kee Xin.   Anna Chong Kee Xin - vocal, Marek Jakubowicz - guitar, Filip Chojnacki - piano, Przemek Ślużyński - double bass.
September 7, 2019

From Gagarin's Point of View

Marek Jakubowicz - guitar. Composition by Esbjorn Svenson Trio (EST): From Gagarin's Point of View. This is one of my favourite EST composition and I return to it sometimes and every time I discover something new.
March 22, 2019

Waiting for Tomorrow

Waiting for Tomorrow - recording from the Blue Note concert 2018-11-08.   Anna Chong Kee Xin - vocal (Malaysia), Marek Jakubowicz - guitar, Flip Chojnacki - piano, Przemek Ślużyński - double bass.
March 15, 2019

Nowa płyta koncertowo. Illusion.

W przygotowaniu nowe koncerty i muzyka z nadchodzącej płyty Illusion.   Poniżej kilka informacji prasowych dot. nowego projektu:)  Po sukcesach płyt „Feelings”, „Zendegi Zibast” i „Unobtainum” Marek Jakubowicz przygotowuje premierę nowych kompozycji. Będą to utwory wywodzące się z autorskich improwizacji artysty. Po raz...
December 5, 2018

Anna 莊啓馨《Orange 橙子》- Recorded at Poznań:)

Anna 莊啓馨《Orange 橙子》Official Music Video   房子,我自己蓋; 花園,我自己栽; 我一個人住在這首歌裏, 回不去被管制的流行裏打拼。 Of houses – I can build my own; Of gardens – I will grow my own; And I shall live here on my own - in this song, Where I return no longer to the ensnarling...