March 13, 2014

Radio Łódź concert review

I'm starting to write about this concert two days later, not that I have been thinking whether it is worth writing about at all or not. I do not want to claim the lack of time, though, of course, I could do that, justifying it with a number of issues and important things to do overlapping at the same time. I am, though, of the opinion that in your...
October 20, 2013

Zendegi Zibast concert review

We wspaniałą podróż w krainę dźwięków ułudnych zakątków świata zabrał wszystkich słuchaczy Marek Jakubowicz wraz z zespołem 14 października 2013. Kameralny koncert, w którym uczestniczyła, niestety, jedynie niewielka grupa wybrańców, odbył się w czarownym miejscu – w Moim Teatrze w Poznaniu (ul. Gorczyczewskiego 2/1A)...
September 17, 2013

Feelings at Radio Gdańsk

My music at Radio Gdansk in program “World Music” (recorded 31/08/2013). At the begining you will hear music by Leszek Mozdzer/Sanctus and later are 2 my compositions: Feelings & Bossanova 4 my wife. At the end is the interview with Krzysztof Scireranski and his music.  
June 3, 2013

Album "Feelings" and 5 stars at Critical Jazz Magazine

Global jazz taken to the most organic level possible in a truly stunning display of beauty embraced with simplicity and complexity all most simultaneously. Marek Jakubowicz fronts an amazing collective with perhaps the finest musicians from Poland along with the soft yet lyrically focused vocals of one Anna Axmo from Malaysia. As often said...
January 1, 2013

Best albums 2012 & Feelings

My album “Feelings” is one of the “Best Albums of 2012″ by JazzWrap – along with Jeff Parker: “Bright Light In Winter”, Branford Marsalis: “Four MFs Playing Tunes”, Jakob Bro: “Bro/Knak”, E.S.T.: “301″. Review With a lovely and highly passionate tone, Polish guitarist, Marek Jakubowicz delivers an album of...