Radio interview & Unobtainum

November 2, 2016

Trans Jazz Fair – Radio Malbork – 2016-11-02
Presenter: Patryk Wiatr
Guests: Unobtainum Duo: Marek Jakubowicz, Michał Ruksza


(0:12) Patryk Wiatr – It’s Wednesday, 7 pm, thus, almost “as always”, dear listeners, welcome to another Trans Jazz Fair program on Radio Malbork. The phrase ‘almost as always’ may sound mysterious and unprofessional, but it’s not that important here.. I’m simply so excited at the moment with so many topics to discuss and so many pieces of music to play in our program today. As time is against me, I shall go ahead .

And behind all that commotion and excitement, or perhaps total madness might better reflect the atmosphere here, are these two gentlemen: Marek Jakubowicz and Michał Ruksza, or in other words the Unobtainum duo, who, exactly a year ago, Facebook reminded me of the date a day before yesterday , were here, in our Radio Malbork studio, and gave their first jazz concert in Trans Jazz Fair program. It was in October 2015, and now November 2016 has just started, I’m sitting in the studio and what’s before me? Two, newly released Unobtainum records. One is their official, second album and the other is the recording of the said, unforgettable concert Marek and Michał gave a year ago here. Today, they are my guests. Marek and Michał, welcome to our Radio Malbork studio again.


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