Slow Blues E from Robben Ford workshop This is my final recording from this course and it was beautiful journey for me and chance to learn blues from great Master I truly recommed it for every guitar player (check it at @truefiretv) In this song I try 3 times repetition: notes, phrases or rhythm Btw Try to find repetitions and green frog;)
Blues Rumba from Robben Ford workshop at TrueFire @truefiretv This is tricky rhytm and I try to practice some upbeat notes and double stop riffs Different color of blues playing For me it is purple:) What color do you feel with this rhythm?
Vamp Groove F from Robben Ford workshop at TrueFire @truefiretv I found simple melody but later it was destroyed by stronger groove and some jazzy phrases was invited;) Hope you like this unexpected mixture:) I’m still working on it and everytime it is very inspiring to me:)
Next blues from the Robben Ford course at True Fire @truefiretv My favourite Slow Dark Blues There is a lot of space in this music for emotions and very personal playing I follow Carlos Santana advice that face shows everything and this is the secret key for every guitar solo;)
Next blues from Robben Ford workshop: Slow Funky Blues in Bb Every lesson from the guitar Master open new doors and I truly recommed it for every guitar players It is must be on the learning list:) His course is available on truefirecom @truefiretv
Practicing blues with lessons from one of my favourite guitarist Robben Ford and his workshop at TrueFire @truefiretv I use only guitar and acoustic amp without any effects It is challenging but also best way to guitar phraing practice I really recommend to turn off effects in practice room and try feel the real guitar sound:)
On the Right Side This song was composed 2 years ago and I played it many times on the concerts So now it is time to prepare final version for the album recording I’m going to spend some time with this composition to find the right melody for the story behind:) This is my first try and begin of work:)
New short composition: On the Road
I Was There
Pat Metheny Etude “Borgia” part 5 This is mostly chromatic excercise My method to play this kind of music is to memorise it first If you memorise melody the fingers will follow your felling
Pat Metheny warm up titled Borgia part 4 Etude & examples This is 4 videos serie: etude, selected example phrases 1,2 and improvisation In the live playing feel free to be inspired by excercise You don’t have to play the same notes, the feeling is more important Enjoy:)
The last song form the album Feelings (2012) composed for the harp and guitar - Before You Were Born On the harp beautifully plays Cecylia Matysik Ignyś @cecyliaharfistka This song I dedicated to my children
"Si Ceng Xiang Shi" from the album Feelings (2012) Next song composed with the Anna Chong Kee Xin @annachongofficial from Malaysia It this song you can find also the harp played by Cecylia Matysik-Ignyś There is a hill and small village called "Pedona" in Toskania, place where time stops Deep breath, home made wine and moments you want to remember and return to it like in Deja Vu - in chinese Si Ceng Xiang Shi
"Behind the scene" from the album Feelings (2012) Behind everything what we see, we can hear, touch and everything we know I like to return to this composition and it was also one of the inspiration for the composition "Unspoken Words" from the album Unobtainum (2016)
In 1998 I met person who changed my music It was pianist Reggie Thomas I learned from him a lot and started discover jazz music This was time when I composed first tune for the “Feelings” - “Bossanova" - title changed few years later to "Bossanova 4 my wife” This was also my first jazz composition:)
On My Way from the album Feelings (2012) This composition is a little bit tricky;) It was one of my assignment from Berklee College of Music course - Advance Jazz Guitar Improvisation with Bruce Saunders There was already written bass line just the roots (listen to the bass line - there are only root and ocatve notes) and the goal was to write chords for it and melody So I composed a tune from it I tried my best to hide the technical things and bring melody and athmosphere on the first plan
Blue Rose from the album Feelings (2012) This composition was inspired by famous guitar piece - Romance de Amor by Vicente Gomez
Title song from the album Feelings It was recorded with great composer, musician, vocalist and my friend Anna Chong Kee Xin @annachongofficial from Malaysia This was first song we composed together and now we have 3 released albums and have been working on the fourth Hope best is yet to come:)
Italian Island - 4rd song from the album Feelings(2012) If you like the Italy, italian food, good wine and of course Sicily close your eyes and let yourself travel to the Italian Island
Third song from the album Feelings (2012) - Rain As I remember it was composed in the autumn in the rainy day I see a window and someone who looks through it with a smile and falling raindrops What do you see when you listen to this music?