Autumn Leaves I return to this jazz standard every year inspired by colors of falling leaves:)
Composition for today: The Leaves Autumn is coming:) Chords ||: Em7, G7, F7, E7; Am7, G7, B7, B7 :||
Composition for today: Bird on the Ocean I’m in between blues jazz and rock last days so everyhing is mixed Sometimes we need the rock guitar time;) More jazz guitar coming soon:)
Composition for today: Somewhere on the Sky I like simple progression ||: Am, G, F, E7 :|| I used here and I play it sometimes with different themes Everytime I try to find something new and everytime these chords surprise me It could be simple but also very challenging Full version on YouTube link in Bio @jakubowiczmarek
From Gagarin’s Point of View This is composition by Esbjorn Svenson Trio and one of my favourite I’ve been playing it for many years and every time I discover someting new
Composition for today: The Circle:) It is reference to my previous compositions Catedral and Lullaby The more I compose the less notes I choose for the melody and improvisation The silence between them could be magic
Lullaby: Silence Beneath the Window Second part Played in the Eb guitar tuning
Composition for today titled: The Sky - on my fretless travel Yamaha Silent Guitar
Composition “Mój Kochanek” Live at Theatre Rampa with Anna Sandowicz (2018) This song is now on my practice list
Improvisation titled: Red, Blue and Green After long day I took my guitar and started play At the begin it was first 4 notes and I slowly followed the coming story in my mind This is how I compose sometimes I improvise, record it, listen to and choose best parts I’m learning these parts and again, improvise, record, listen to:) When I can’t change even 1 note it means the composition is done
Lullaby: Silence Beneath the Window Composed just few minutes ago, for the good night Played in the Eb guitar tuning
Working again on the composition „Moj Kochanek” I played this song a year ago with @annasandowicz on the concert in the theatre in Warsaw and it seems that this song will be played again soon:) I had to learn it from the begining and of course I changed it Different time, different music If you learn th same song again and again you are not in the same place Every time we discover more and sometimes forgetfullness and learning again add new value for our playing
Composition for today: Yellow & Blue This composition is played only on 3 lower strings and the guitar is tuned in Eb (my own set: Eb, B, G, Eb, Bb, Eb) Playing in differend guitar tuning makes your instrument shines in new colors It is worth to try Guitar by @turkowiak_guitars Queen of Guitars
My way how to practice 8th notes in a melodic way At the begin you can play one scale and start to improvise over it only with 8th notes, even short phrases Later try extend it and play longer, add some dynamic Divide improvisation into melody and fill even if you always play 8th notes Try it with triplets too After these excercises play any song with the same tempo and the magic will come:)
I did’t compose for some time because I was busy with other projects but today I took my guitar and stared to play Short composition with three guitar lines titled: Cathedra
Composition titled: Seven Magic Numbers: 1,2,3,5,9,100,223 Every single number has a story but this sequence makes them alive together
Untitled improvisation for today:) Progression: Am, Fmaj7, E7
Short etude titled „Wave” Music is not about the notes it is about the story:)
Today’s session with MTM Blues There is a phrase quoted and repeated 3 times If you recognize it leave a comment if no, also leave a comment:)
Composition for today titled „Green” I play mostly with the clean sound on the jazz guitar but this time I used some drive and I hope it works