Today’s session with MTM Blues There is a phrase quoted and repeated 3 times If you recognize it leave a comment if no, also leave a comment:)
Composition for today titled „Green” I play mostly with the clean sound on the jazz guitar but this time I used some drive and I hope it works
Great blues guitarist Gino Matteo said me: „Blues is about the touch it is not about the notes” It was best advice ever and I keep it on my mind all the time and not only for blues:) Thank You @ginomatteo
Jazz improvisation titled: Coincidence I believe that on the quantum level there is no coincidence just on the deeper dimension we make something happen:)
Back to the music for the coming album Waiting for Tomorrow - to believe that the best is yet to come
7 guitar picks test: wood, metal and plastic I use mostly wood ebony (1,7) picks but sometimes I change it if I need different sound It can really change a lot Pick one was made by @turkowiak_guitars and pick 7 by @rafaelbelter_pracownialutnicza Use 🎧
Improvisation titled: Green Inspired by John Scofield Hand Jive album It is impossible to play like him so I even don’t try I love his style and his music has been inspiring me for years I remeber that JS said that he tried play like Wes and other famous guitarists but he couldn’t That’s why he play in his own way and now other jazz guitarists want to play like him:)
It Was a Long Day Jazz improvisation played over blues groove At the begin it supposed to be blues solo but suddenly jazz notes came to me and started their dance:) So I thought why not and I let them stay:)
Improvisation titled “Eight” I spent few days with blues mood and today I returned to my jazz world with music words which need to be said This is my language The real one
Blues-rock solo composition for the song „Daleko Stąd” by MTM Blues @mtmblues It is a challenge to find right melody for the song and tell the story instead of playing only notes I tried my best:)
Jazz improvisation for today titled: Warm and Cold This is how my composition sometimes starts to be alive From the spontaneous playing and inspiration:)
Short 🎸 composition for today inspired by ZakaMarki:)
I found today recording from the concert in famous polish music club Piwnica pod Baranami recorded in 2014 I didn’t know that it even exists:)
Second version: Dancing in the Clouds I added the fretless guitar bass and use different amp for the guitar The new fretless guitar is true AXE and change a lot:)
Inprovised composition titled: The Red Sun in the Mirror Sunset always reminds me the day that goes away It is like a painting which stay in our memory
And Day and Night Spontaneous composition played on the amazing and vey unique semi-fretless guitar created by @rafaelbelter_pracownialutnicza based on the Yamaha SLG 100S
Blues is always in my heart Looking for the blues sound on the new Fender amp:)
Pat Metheny Warmup Etude „Borgia” Page 3 Practice time I don’t play straight eight notes because melody needs space and feeling This melody line is more like Bach partitas for me rather than excersise I recognize some Bach lines here and definately Pat plays Bach:)
Free improvisation based on the Autumn Leaves My first time on the new amp Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV I’ve been playing on the acoustic amp Martinello for the last 10 years and I’m trying something new It will take months before I could say that I found the best sound on it
Fata Morgana