Improvisation for today "Like Never Before" inpired by Bach partida D minor for violin and Ulf Wakenius jazz guitar My Masters:) Backing track is played backwards
Composition: The Yellow Inspired by one of the song composed and played by Sting If you know the title let me know in the comment;) composerlife
Composition for today: Black Mirror
Final Blues G from the Larry Carlton course at @truefiretv
Live composition „In the Clouds” When I improvise the best parts are these which surprise me When I hear it I don't stop but follow them
Larry Carlton and Blues Bb from his course at @truefiretv - the goal is to create space and use common tones in melody Longer version on YT link in bio @jakubowiczmarek
Winter Flower - The new recording and title for my old composition I added also second unison guitar Today more jazzy sounds but blues guitar is just behind me:)
Slow Blues inspired by Larry Carlton style Track from his course at @truefiretv Motifs, space, blues phrasing and piano respond mixed together Recording after 2h of blues guitar practising:)
Composition: The Red Road After a short break for the blues music I return to jazz guitar and composing Blues is in my soul so I will keep it close:)
Which one do you like?
Next Blues from Larry Carlton’s 335 Blues Motifs at TrueFire @truefiretv Practising motifs and bass line response
After Robben Ford workshop it is time to Larry Carlton’s 335 Blues Motifs at TrueFire @truefiretv Practising dynamic playing with Blues F
Slow Blues E from Robben Ford workshop This is my final recording from this course and it was beautiful journey for me and chance to learn blues from great Master I truly recommed it for every guitar player (check it at @truefiretv) In this song I try 3 times repetition: notes, phrases or rhythm Btw Try to find repetitions and green frog;)
Blues Rumba from Robben Ford workshop at TrueFire @truefiretv This is tricky rhytm and I try to practice some upbeat notes and double stop riffs Different color of blues playing For me it is purple:) What color do you feel with this rhythm?
Vamp Groove F from Robben Ford workshop at TrueFire @truefiretv I found simple melody but later it was destroyed by stronger groove and some jazzy phrases was invited;) Hope you like this unexpected mixture:) I’m still working on it and everytime it is very inspiring to me:)
Next blues from the Robben Ford course at True Fire @truefiretv My favourite Slow Dark Blues There is a lot of space in this music for emotions and very personal playing I follow Carlos Santana advice that face shows everything and this is the secret key for every guitar solo;)
Next blues from Robben Ford workshop: Slow Funky Blues in Bb Every lesson from the guitar Master open new doors and I truly recommed it for every guitar players It is must be on the learning list:) His course is available on truefirecom @truefiretv
Practicing blues with lessons from one of my favourite guitarist Robben Ford and his workshop at TrueFire @truefiretv I use only guitar and acoustic amp without any effects It is challenging but also best way to guitar phraing practice I really recommend to turn off effects in practice room and try feel the real guitar sound:)
On the Right Side This song was composed 2 years ago and I played it many times on the concerts So now it is time to prepare final version for the album recording I’m going to spend some time with this composition to find the right melody for the story behind:) This is my first try and begin of work:)
New short composition: On the Road