The Secret Sauce

November 16, 2017

I’d like to share with you the interview about the Secret Sauce from the blog with my music “Italian Island” from the album Feelings.

“For some families food is at the center of all socializing. This was true for our family too. Here I interview my niece, Yvette, about a marinara sauce that is famous in our family…”

Life Shouldn’t Be Short – But Worth It.
“This is a quote from my upcoming book “Out Of The Corner”. How I stay relevant in the digital working world even though it’s always assumed that I’m already retired. Tips on being an entrepreneur by staying tech savvy. The impact of health, fitness and beauty as anti-aging tools and the importance of it all. Time spent working out my brain via new learning, podcasts, reading books and articles, and enjoying new music and movies. Leading a simple life of enjoying nature and local culture as opposed to traveling long distances. Downsizing old dreams and wishes that have become lackluster. The proposed book self-publish date is by year end of 2017.”


Listen to interview and read more:



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